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 Clan Rules (Chatting)

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Founder Jay
Founder Jay

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Clan Rules (Chatting) Empty
PostSubject: Clan Rules (Chatting)   Clan Rules (Chatting) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 02, 2008 2:03 am

·!¦[··ï¡÷¡ï· ¦-¦‡G¦-¦ ߣøøðê®s ·ï¡÷¡ï··]¦!·

-----Rülës ãñd Rëgülãtïøñs-----

  1. RESPECT all the members of our clan especially the officers and the seniors.
  2. No flooding or unnecessary repetition. [interrupting the flow of the chat sessions with the use of large fonts, repetitive typing or other forms of flooding is strictly prohibited. This makes it hard for other chatters to continue their conversation and will not be tolerated in the chat room. Please refrain from excessive use of colored or bold text in the chatroom. They simply annoy other users. EXEMPTIONS: defending yourself, co-members and our clan]
  3. Using big fonts is PROHIBITED. [Let us respect the other chatters by not using big fonts to avoid misunderstanding or interrupting other chatters with their conversations. The maximum font is allowed is 10.]
  4. Bright colors as font color is PROHIBITED. [simple, so it wont be an eye sore to everyone who’s viewing or chatting]
  5. No harassing other members and chatters. [harassing other users in any way or form is strictly prohibited. We try to keep an amicable and congenial environment here. If you are looking for a cyber partner, try finding a sex chat room elsewhere on the Internet, this is not the place!]
  6. Absolutely NO nudity with your conversation. [please keep in mind that there are minors chatting in our room]
  7. No fighting or Name calling. [you are welcome to disagree with a member, but calling them names or Flaming, and other racist or derogatory remarks against other users in the chatroom. also keep in mind that an opinion or a comment is personal. don't judge everyone by personal differences.]
  8. No racial, religious, sexually inflammatory language. [racism and prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated. Please treat other members with respect.]
  9. No posting of personal contacts. [we ask that you do not give out personal information, e-mail address, phone numbers and home addresses. If you do so, you do this at your own risk]
  10. No trashtalkers. [please be reminded that this room and our clan is made for everyone to make friends. So please refrain from using badwords. EXEMPTIONS: defending yourself, co-members, and our clan]
  11. Everyone must know how to welcome each member who joins our room. [make them feel that they are welcome]
  12. Be aware in making/throwing some jokes. [you may hurt somebody w/ your jokes that may lead to fighting]
  13. Respect the “BLACKLISTED” clan they are our sister-clan.
  14. Be active in our EyeBall “EB” [notify our officers if you're not be able to come]
  15. If one of our members are in trouble, DO SO HELP him/her.

Revised by:

ISHIE [lady-cofounder]

Approved by:

Jay [founder] and Satrix [Boss]


Clan Rules (Chatting) Yolef6fmche9833vvme

Clan Rules (Chatting) 9flecdpsa1ohu48xb2aa

Clan Rules (Chatting) 8eludi7njkmqisjt7lt4
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Clan Rules (Chatting)
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